Foundation Cracks: Is It Serious?

Cracks In Basement

Cracks in your foundation is never a good sign, but there are some that are more detrimental than others. The professionals at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing want to make sure you’re informed on what type of cracks you may see in your basement, and what action needs to be taken, if you do.

Structural Cracks Vs. Non-Structural Cracks 

Non-structural cracks can appear almost anywhere in your basement, but are more likely to be found around doors, windows, and pipes. They’re typically very narrow and thin, but will expose water when making contact with rain or dampness. Most non-structural cracks can be repaired quickly, and contractors typically fill it completely to prevent any further leakage.

If you have a structural crack, you may start to notice a pattern in the cracks. These cracks typically appear in pairs, and are thicker in nature, but do not release any water. Structural cracks typically result in major foundation problems, and your home could be sinking. If you notice multiple cracks in your walls or basement floors, and they seem to be focusing in one general direction, it is time to call the professionals.

Vertical Cracks vs. Horizontal Cracks

If the basic information above is not enough for you to determine what type of crack you may have in your basement foundation, you may be able to tell by the direction of the crack.

Horizontal cracks more commonly appear on lower areas of the basement, and are a sign that your crack is a structural issue. These directional cracks are a sign that your home is shifting, and needs to be addressed quickly due to the increase of pressure to your home. Some homeowners find that installing drainage systems can alleviate this problem for a short period of time, before jumping into serious work.

Vertical cracks are usually a sign that your foundation crack is not structural, if located on concrete walls. Vertical cracks tend to come and go as the weather changes, and your home expands and contracts. These cracks typically do not leak, but if you do notice seepage from a vertical crack, then there are bigger issues that need to be addressed.

Remember, don’t ignore ANY cracks that you may see in your basement foundation. Any angle or direction of crack will not stop the crack from eventually spreading or becoming larger.

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