Checking Your Home For Foundation Cracks: Michigan Foundation Repair

foundation cracks

There are many causes of foundation cracks, and they aren’t always blatant eye sores. Unfortunately, cracks that go unnoticed and untreated often lead to bigger, more expensive damage later on. In order to make sure that your home is in good shape, you need to check for foundation cracks every once and a while. Here is a guide to get you started.

Interior Signs Of Foundation Damage

You may notice signs of foundation cracks while still inside your home. For instance, if you see cracks on your walls, that may be an indication of foundation trouble. Other signs include cracks in tile flooring, stuck windows and doors, or windows that no longer shut properly. There are potential causes of these issues, so you may not be dealing with foundation damage. If the problems persist, you may want to get a professional foundation inspection to determine if that is the root cause.

Does Your House Look Straight?

When you look at your house from the curb, does it look level? First focus on the top of the slab, not the roof or other structures. If there is a noticeable lean, there could be a foundation crack somewhere. Moving to the walls above, make sure they are straight from all angles. If they are bowed or crooked in any way, you may have shifting that needs to be corrected with foundation piers.

Check Visible Concrete For Damages

If you can see parts of your concrete slab while standing outside your home, look for areas where the concrete is chipping or flaking. If you find any areas that look particularly soft, use a screwdriver to probe the area. The concrete should be hard enough to hand a firm poke. If you see subsequent damage because of your efforts, you may have some foundation cracks that need to be repaired.

Look Over Exterior Concrete Slabs

If you have a concrete driveway or patio near your home, check it for cracks. Having cracks doesn’t necessarily mean that your foundation is damaged, but it could be a warning sign for problems to come. After all, a patio sits on the same set of soil as a home foundation. If the soil is shifting, as is the case with most Michigan neighborhoods, cracks may form. We can inspect your home for foundation cracks to see if the damage has extended below the building.

Get A Professional Foundation Inspection

The best way to check for foundation cracks is to get a professional inspection. The foundation repair company will assess your property to identify signs of damage not visible to the naked eye. If there are any cracks that need to be repaired, the company can provide a quote for their service. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has proudly served Southeast Michigan for over 40 years. We would be happy to provide a free repair quote for you. Give us a call at (586) 776-7270 to learn more.