Floods Impact Metro Detroit & Basements Crumble

Home With Flood WatersSouthern Macomb County was recently hit with a storm that landed on the record books. With nearly four inches of rain, falling in less than an hour, cities such as Warren, Royal Oak, and nearby areas, suffered damaging effects in their homes, due to the ongoing downpour.

So far, it has been estimated that nearly $1.2 billion in damages have been assessed for Warren alone, and the numbers are still rising. Over 18,000 homes have been deemed “unsafe to live” and many are still without the resources they need. With many counties not offering flood insurance, several are looking for an outlet to help them recover and move forward.

As a reminder, here is a checklist of what you should do if you experience a flood in your home:

  • Stay protected – ALWAYS wear waterproof materials when dealing with a flood.
  • Disconnect any electricity – This goes along with staying protected, but a short could mean more damage for your basement and home.
  • Assess the reason for the flood – Do you have a broken pipe? Turn off the water. Is your drain blocked? Try and find any visible areas to unblock it.
  • Remove the water – Depending on how much water you have, this could mean moping, portable sump pumps, or wet shop vacuums.
  • Once the rain stops, open windows – You need to let your basement air out and give the moisture a place to escape. This will allow the drying process to start quickly. Utilize any extra fans you may have, and turn on your dehumidifier.
  • Disinfect – Start cleaning everything you can, to help rid of any mold that may have started wandering around your basement.
  • Remove anything that is damaged – If any furniture or possessions were damaged in the flood, and do not appear salvageable, remove them from your house as soon as possible.

More rain is still in store for Metro Detroit, and Tom’s Basement Waterproofing urges everyone to check their basements to make sure they’re in tack. If you notice that something is off, your basement is wet, or appears damp, call us immediately. Don’t suffer through the next wave of storms with a mop and bucket! Let the professional’s help you weather through it together.

If you have been affected by the recent floods, make sure to file a claim at the following location: https://www.macombcountymi.gov – Check back with Tom’s Basement Waterproofing for more updates and guides on how to get your home back in working order.