Foundation Crack Repair in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Home inspector crouched down looking at home's foundation.

Realizing that you have a crack in your home’s foundation can be very alarming. You may worry about how the crack can be fixed and exactly how much the repair will cost. Cracks in your foundation are serious, but they are more common than you might think. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has been helping homeowners and business owners in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, with foundation crack repair for more than forty years. Our team understands the stress that can come with the idea that you have a crack in your foundation. Our staff can answer your questions and schedule a time for the foundation crack repair quickly so that the problem does not get worse.

Professional Foundation Repair Process

Foundation crack repair is a very specific service and should only be attempted by professionals with appropriate experience and training. Our crew at Tom’s Basement Waterproofing uses a process known as foundation piering, which repairs the concrete underneath your home and prevents any future cracking. The foundation crack repair process is fairly simple and highly effective. We install vertical columns below your foundation to support the weight of your home or building, and that strengthens any weak areas below the surface that can cause cracks.

Benefits of Foundation Crack Repair in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Foundation crack repair is extremely important to complete as quickly as is possible so that the crack does not grow or worsen. Foundation crack repair can save you money as it is much less expensive than replacing your foundation. Adding support to your foundation from below can prevent future problems with your foundation, allowing you to be confident living in your home or selling it down the road. The process is easy and causes minimal disruption to your daily life. In addition, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing also stands behind their work, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a local Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, company and actually offer a warranty for our foundation crack repair, so you can be confident in making this important investment.

Foundation Crack Repair Services in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

We understand that times are stressful at this moment with the emergence of COVID-19. We want to assure you that Tom’s Basement Waterproofing remains open and is considered an essential business during this time. If you have concerns about your home’s foundation or questions about our foundation crack repair services in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, call us at 586-776-7270.