Foundation Repair In Beverly Hills, MI

Foundation Repair In Beverly Hills, MI

When you need a reliable foundation repair in Beverly Hills, MI, look no further than Tom’s Basement Waterproofing. Our family-owned foundation repair company has served the Metro Detroit area for over 40 years.

All of our workers are employed directly through our company, and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. That’s why 85% of our business comes from referrals because our customers know that they can trust our craftsmanship.

To get started with your foundation repair project, give us a call at (586) 776-7270.

Proactive Foundation Repair In Beverly Hills, MI That Protects Your Home From Further Damage

Foundation repairs are almost always time-sensitive. The longer you leave them alone, the worse they get. A sinking or shifting foundation can also lead to other problems, like cracked concrete, tilted walls, stuck doors, and much more. You can avoid all of these major structural issues by taking action at the first sign of foundation problems. With the help of our foundation repair services in Beverly Hills, MI, you will get the following:

  • Strong Foundation Piering That Adds Valuable Support Below Your Foundation
  • Preventative Repairs That Stop Your Foundation From Shifting Or Sinking
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity For Your Home Or Office – We Provide Commercial And Residential Foundation Repair In Beverly Hills, MI
  • Affordable Payment Options For Every Budget
  • No Subcontractors – All Our Employees Work Directly Through Tom’s Basement Waterproofing
  • Disruption-Free Repair Equipment That Lets You Use Your Building While We Work
  • Free Lifetime WarrantyAnd 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed For All Our Foundation Repairs
  • Tested And Proven Foundation Repair Techniques That Cost Up To 10 Times Less Than A New Foundation

Whether you’ve just started noticing foundation cracks or you’ve needed foundation repair for a while, our experienced technicians in Beverly Hills, MI are here to get your building safe and secure again. Contact us today at (586) 776-7270 to schedule your free consultation.

How Foundation Repair Works In Beverly Hills, MI

Michigan has sand in the soil due to its close proximity to the Great Lakes. As a result of that, many homes and businesses in Beverly Hills, MI, experience foundation shifts over time. If the foundation is not set properly during installation or the ground beneath moves too much, the entire building could lose its structural integrity. At Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we use a process called foundation piering to add vertical supports below your building’s foundation and raise it back to the proper level. All of this is done without disrupting the use of your home or building, so you can still use the space while we work. To learn more about how foundation repair would work for your Beverly Hills, MI home specifically, give us a call to set up your free evaluation.

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