Organize Your Basement During The Spring

Basement OrganizationThe first word that often comes to mind when we think of basements is ‘messy.’ Basements are often utilized as storage and to keep all of those items that you’re just not ready to deal with yet. If spring has motivated you to start addressing that dark area of clutter in your basement, Tom’s Basement Waterproofing has some tips on how to keep your basement organized all year long!

Make The Most Out Of Your Space

Did you know that poor storage organization in your basement could potentially lead to structural and financial problems in your home? When items in your basement are not maintained properly, issues such as a mildew, mold, and restricted air flow can start to become a problem. When these conditions are present, you and your family’s health are at risk. In order to combat this dilemma, we suggest making the most out of your entire basement space. This will allow you to not only de-clutter your main living area, but potentially also create more space for your family to enjoy in the basement!

  1. Start with a plan – Regardless of the size of your basement, you’ll need to create a plan that allows you to plan out how you will be utilizing your space. Take inventory all of your immobile appliances, such as your furnace and washing machine, in order to make sure you’re not overestimating how much space you really have. However you chose to organize your space, make sure that it makes sense to you and your family, so that items are easy to find again.
  2. Keep your basement neat – Now that you know where you’re going to put everything, it’s time to start thinking how you’re going to store it all. Think past just your normal grey box, and consider plastic containers and other wrapping materials. Additionally, make sure that everything you pack away is accessible when needed. Those holiday items may seem initially great to store on a high shelf, because you don’t know where else to put them, but chances are you’ll want them in plain sight when it comes to unpacking them at the appropriate time. The main idea is that by organizing your items properly allows you to take up less room in your basement, and gives you more living space.
  3. Purge items you don’t need – We know that we all hold sentimental value onto several different family heirlooms, but when you’re organizing your basement, you may want to start thinking about removing the clutter. Go through all of your items and truly consider if they are worth keeping.

When you’re in the spring cleaning mode, don’t forget about your basement! By eliminating clutter and keeping things organized, you can keep your basement in better condition for years to come!