Why Proactive Foundation Repair Is So Important In Michigan

proactive foundation repair

Should I invest in foundation repair? Is it really worth the money? These are some unspoken questions many Michigan homeowners have because of how common foundation cracks are in this area. If you have been debating whether to get your foundation repaired, or you’re simply trying to determine when the right time is to commit to this process, the information below will show you why proactive foundation repair is so important in Michigan.

Foundation Cracks Don’t Go Away On Their Own

Unlike wood that expands and contracts throughout the year, your home’s foundation isn’t going to magically fix itself overnight. In fact, the cracks in your foundation will only get worse over time because of the weight of your building and the shifting soil below the surface. The only way to stop this from happening is to create additional support below your foundation, which is what we do with our foundation piering process. The piers add structure beneath your house to repair cracks and prevent new ones from developing in the future.

The Longer You Wait, The More You Pay

Because foundation cracks don’t go away on their own, the damage they create only gets worse over time. Unfortunately, that means a higher foundation repair bill to cover. Because of the sand in Michigan’s soil, it does not take long for a home that has already shifted to shift even more. If you get the foundation repaired at the first sign of trouble, you can prevent more cracks from forming and avoid having to install more foundation piers below your home. You’ll save a ton of money just by acting early on.

Protect Your Home With Enhanced Structural Integrity

With the right foundation repairs in place, you can make your home safer and more structurally sound. You’re no longer relying on just the soil under your foundation to support your home. You have strong vertical piers that will keep your house from moving over the years. Even if you have a new home, you could benefit from preventative foundation repair. Many homes are constructed without proper foundation preparation, which will lead to costly repairs in the future. We can tell you what the state of your foundation is during your free evaluation so you can know how high your risk is for foundation cracks in the future.

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