Causes And Signs Of Crawl Space Leaks In Michigan

crawl space leak

Most homes in Michigan have basements, but some are built on slab or crawl space foundations. Basement leaks are easier to notice than crawl space leaks because most people go in their basements from time to time. The only reason to go into a crawl space is to check for a plumbing leak or other issue under the house. Here are some common causes and signs of crawl space leaks in Michigan to help you watch for potential problems.

Causes Of Crawl Space Leaks In Michigan

The most common cause of crawl space leaks is faulty plumbing. Water from a leaky or busted pipe will go into the crawl space, and it may go unnoticed for quite some time. Homeowners in Michigan should be particularly leery of this in the winter because of freezing temperatures. Make sure your water stays at a slow drip in the house during the winter months to prevent your pipes from freezing, or consider upgrading your plumbing to freeze-proof piping like PEX.

Another cause of crawl space leaks is built-up surface water and groundwater. Excess water around the foundation may seep into the crawl space over time. You can correct this by adjusting your drainage system to keep the water away from your home. You may also explore crawl space waterproofing techniques to further protect your building.

Signs Of Crawl Space Leaks

Here are some warning signs of crawl space leaks to watch out for:

  • High Water Bills: If your water bill suddenly spikes, it may be from a leak in your crawl space. Get under your house and look for a pool of water somewhere. Then check the plumbing in that area to see if there are any pipes that need to be fixed.
  • Damp Carpets: If your carpeting feels damp, it may be from water underneath your house. You should also watch for stains on your carpet you do not know the source of, similar to stains on the ceiling form a roof leak.
  • Warped Floorboards: If your wood flooring is warped or raised, it may be from moisture in the crawl space. Once again, you can look in that general area under the house to see if there is any noticeable water build-up in the area.

If you would like a professional crawl space inspection in Michigan, contact Tom’s Basement Waterproofing to schedule an appointment.