How To Fix Sinking Foundations In SE Michigan

sinking foundations

Sinking foundations are a common problem in Southeast Michigan, primarily because of the area’s close proximity to the Great Lakes. As sand seeps into the soil, it causes the ground to become less structurally sound. This in turn can create foundation cracks, unlevel foundations, and other issues as a result of the weak soil. In the guide below, we will explore how to fix sinking foundations in SE Michigan so you can determine the best option for your home or business.

Identify The Source Of The Problem (Get A Foundation Inspection)

Before you can repair a sinking foundation, you must understand what is causing it to sink in the first place. Otherwise, you may end up creating a repair that is only temporary. For example, if your foundation is weak because your yard does not have proper water damage, you will have to repair your foundation time and time again until you correct the drainage issue. When you no longer have to worry about the water pressure on the outside of the foundation, then you can work on fixing the cracks and other issues.

Use Foundation Piers To Support Your Building Below The Surface

One of the most effective ways to fix sinking foundations in Southeast Michigan is to use foundation piers to add structural integrity to the soil. Large vertical piers are installed below your foundation to prevent shifting and raise your foundation back to a level plane. These supports are built to be significantly stronger than soil alone, so they will not wear down over time like the rest of your foundation’s understructure. The result is permanent foundation repair that will protect your property for life.

Prevent Future Cracks And Damage With Proper Foundation Care

To keep your foundation standing strong, watch out for water piling up near the base of your home or office. If this becomes a problem, set up a drainage system to direct the water elsewhere. If you notice cracks or uneven sections of your basement, get them inspected at the first sign. Proactive foundation repair is much more affordable than reactive foundation repair, and it can help prevent even more damage from happening in the future. As long as you are observant of your property, you should be able to avoid hefty repair bills down the road.