Interior Drain Tiles And Exterior Drain Tiles

House Surrounded By WaterIn a previous article, we went over the history and basics of drain tiles, and how they can function to keep water at bay with your basement waterproofing project. There are many different ways that drain tiles can be utilized in the home, and whether they’re functioning inside or outside is based on a few different factors. Tom’s Basement Waterproofing is here to help you understand more about drain tiles and where they would be if used on your home.

Interior Drain Tiles

Interior drain tiles are the most comprehensive solution when it comes to keeping water away from walls and floors of a basement. With interior drain tiles, we wouldn’t need to tear up finished basements and dig into the walls. As an economical solution, it is the least labor intensive option when it comes to implementing drain tiles. Interior drain tiles can also be used as a solution for resolving hydrostatic pressure and buildup. However, when it comes to basements that are made up of brick and stone, and free of an exterior sealant, interior drain tiles may not hold up over time.

Exterior Drain Tiles

Exterior drain tiles best function when it’s important to drain the soil and relieve pressure against the outside of your basement foundation. With exterior drain tiles, there is little that we would need you to prepare before digging into the ground, and a protective sealant is placed around the entire perimeter of your home to keep things locked in place. Exterior drain tiles are most commonly used with masonry foundations, which can make it less economic and a more labor intensive process. One of the downsides to exterior drain tiles is that it does not relieve hydrostatic pressure from the basement floors, and can be a lengthier project to complete.

While there are pros and cons to both interior drain tiles and exterior drain tiles, they both serve important functions. When Tom’s Basement Waterproofing comes out to evaluate your specific basement needs, we will accurately be able to access which method will work best for your home. Drain tile systems can be a cost effective way to maintain a dry basement and we see this job more often as the years go by. Are you ready to start your basement waterproofing project? Give Tom’s Basement Waterproofing a call today and we’ll help you get back on your way to a more livable home! (586) 776-7270