Common Signs Of Water Damage

Damp moistureAt Tom’s Basement Waterproofing, we are in the business of solving your basement water problems and foundation repairs. However, how do you know you even have a problem to begin with? We’ve put together a list of the most common ways you can find out if your basement has water damage or foundation problems.

Metro Detroit is full of older homes, and unfortunately, mold is more present in basements than we’d like to admit. While this is one of the easiest water damage issues to detect, there are many others that will take a little closer look.

  • Your basement ceiling is discolored – The first place Tom’s Basement Waterproofing suggests you check for water damage in your home is your basement ceiling and walls. Turn on as many lights that are available, and look closely at the paint, paneling, or wallpaper. If you notice areas of fading or discoloration, this is a good sign that a leak in your foundation is close by.
  • Your walls are bumpy – Underneath your paint, wallpaper, or wood paneling, your basement may have drywall. This is more common in newer homes, and will change in texture when water is present. Put on a glove and run your hand across your walls to see if any bumps poke out at you. If so, this means that water has absorbed from the ground into your walls.
  • Your wood is crumbling – Baseboards, window frames, and crown molding, are all made up of wooded textures and can become damaged when water comes in contact. If you notice that your wooded features are crumbling, damp, or appear rotted, you can be sure that water damage is present.
  • You notice musty and damp smells – We talked about mold earlier, and there are great ways to clean mold and remove it from your home. However, if you have followed all the steps for removing mold, and still notice a musty or damp smell in your basement, there is probably a leak or crack in your walls that is continuing to bring in water. When you’ve done all you can to combat mold, it’s time to call Tom’s Basement Waterproofing and let us completely eradicate this terrible issue from your home.

Keep your eyes out for water damage in your home, and save your walls from rotting, your foundation from cracking, and your home from being destroyed! Do you believe your home has already incurred some water damage? Give Tom’s Basement Waterproofing a call today and we’ll come inspect your basement right away! (586) 776-7270