The Differences For Basement Waterproofing Techniques

Basement And Foundation Waterproofing, Techniques

The do-it-yourself options for basement waterproofing are at your disposal in any hardware store. Quick fixes and basement remedies are everywhere, but they’re not going to cut it when it comes to truly fixing your waterproofing problems. Why? Because pressure in your walls, soil, and foundation come into play, and there is no easy way to work around it on your own.

There are two types of pressure that Tom’s Basement Waterproofing takes into consideration, when analyzing any basement waterproofing job:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure – This type of pressure forms when water pools around the basement floors. It pushes against the foundation of your home, and causes the water to rise.
  • Lateral Pressure – This type of pressure forms when your foundational soil isn’t properly packed in. Soil is then pushing against your foundation from the sides, as it absorbs water.

Both forms of pressure are going to create leaks, cracks, and problems for your basement. The problem with the store-bought and ‘easy’ solutions for basement waterproofing is the lack of pressure issues taken into consideration, and leads to only temporary fixes. The original source for your basement leaks and basement water is coming from either hydrostatic or lateral pressure.

A variety of different basement waterproofing options are often placed together, and work as one to eliminate pressure issues in your basement. Sump pumps, drainage systems, and sealants are all applied to your basement, and work together as a strong basement waterproofing team. The sump pump will eliminate the water out of the basement, while the drainage system will move the water far away from your house and foundation. Additionally, properly aligning your downspouts, around your home, will help alleviate water from forming near your home in the first place.

Tom’s Basement Waterproofing also looks over the exterior of your home and foundation, and closely examines your soil for pressure problems. This will help us properly seal the outside issues, and eliminate any more cracks in your walls.

The next time you run into a basement water problem, and consider fixing it yourself, remember that pressure is at work, in and around your home. Let the professionals look over your problems and handle the waterproofing from the root of the issue. Take proactive steps to stop buying quick basement waterproofing fixes at your local hardware store.

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